Camille Day


M. Camille Day, known as Candy to friends and family, is an artist from North Georgia, committed to capturing the people and places of Georgia and beyond. Her desire to expand her painting ability has led Camille to Europe as well as many places in the U. S. where she enjoys painting en plein air (in the open air) as well as in her studio in Blue Ridge, Georgia. She is continuously inspired by the varied landscapes of the natural world, its people, animals and common places where beauty is sometimes overlooked.
She is largely self-taught and has been painting and drawing since childhood. Camille has also had the benefit of studying under such great artists as Ann Templeton, Quang Ho, Roger Dale Brown, Jim RIchards and many others. As she tells of these experiences, “Each session with such wonderful instructors enables me to reach further into the well of my own abilities and translate not only what I see as beautiful to the viewer, but to make them feel why I chose that subject to paint.”
Today, the home base of M. Camille Day is in the beautiful, little mountain town of Blue Ridge, Ga, where she maintains a studio in the Summit Studios, a part of the Blue Ridge Mountain Art Association. She also travels extensively and paints “en plein air” wherever she goes. Camille is a Signature Member of the Southern Appalachian Artist Guild, a Signature Member of the Women Painters of the Southeast and most recently, the Southeastern Pastel Society. She is a juried member of the Oil Painters of America, the Pastel Society of America, the American Impressionist Society, and a founding member of the Eastern League of Professional Artists.
She has won numerous awards and her work has been juried into many national and international shows, many of which are now in private collection.
Artist’s Statement, by M. Camille Day
Drawing, painting—-creating—-has always been a part of my life. “Artist” is how I’ve always identified myself and what I’ve strived toward. After years of immersion in becoming more proficient in my craft, I realize there is something more than mere skill: the ability to express the ”voice of my soul”. To me, that quality stands above them all in deserving the title of “artist”. If my work can tell you what spoke to me and compelled me to put voice to it through paint or pastel, then I will count myself successful. But I will count myself blessed if you look at my work and find something that speaks to your own soul.
I am thankful for the knowledge I’ve gained over the years from so many wonderful mentors and teachers. Their efforts have helped me move forward with confidence. Now as I paint the places that inspire me and the people and creatures that inhabit them, what I most want is to share the voice of my soul through my work and show you the emotion stirred there. My hope is that it sparks a resonance of joy, pleasure, fond remembrance—-something—- within your own sense of being, something you can add to your own voice.