Joanna Karpay


Joanna Karpay, a Tampa native and award winning artist, has been painting since childhood. She began her first serious studies as a child at the Tampa Art Institute and went on to study at the University of South Florida and Highland College in northern Illinois. She has continued her studies with several noteworthy artists such as Elin Pendleton, Deborah Paris, Marsha Savage and Greg Barnes. As a sixth generation Floridian, many of her paintings are a reflection of her Florida heritage and her love of the natural beauty found here in the tropical foliage and coastal panoramas. The practice of Plein Air painting is especially important to her ability to capture the essence of a place. Capturing the atmosphere of a certain time of day and the feeling of a place is expressed in her bold brushwork, vibrant colors and strong compositions. Creating a visual story that evokes the special feeling of her favorite places will perhaps allow others to connect to and enjoy the same feelings and memories of their own.