Virginia Dauth

Painting the landscape, for me is to see the beautiful subtle colors that light brings to life in nature and to be sensitive to what draws me in to paint a particular scene.Painters not only look but they see the beauty that most overlook. We see color in the shadows; luscious plum, navy blues and the light dancing off the shimmering leaves of a tree. A painter can find the beauty in flowers that have gone to seed, the texture, patterns and shapes that reveals a splendid composition to paint. We translate what we see and feel about a place, the warmth or coolness of the air, the atmosphere and time of day into their own sensibilities of mark making, color, and compositional arrangements.I hope to show the viewer another way of looking at things, a surprise,an excitement or the joy of discovering something new. The act of putting color to canvas or paper is part of my spirit and my purpose. It is like breathing something that I am compelled to do. It is my hope that the viewer will relate to my creativity.